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How do I get my free initial consultation and are there any obligations?

Use the form above to book your free session with one of our expert coaches. There are no strings attached and we’re not asking for any money. We do receive hundreds of requests monthly, so we kindly ask that you join your session on time, or reschedule/cancel in advance if needed, so as not to affect others waiting in line. Thank you for being considerate of our time and that of others!

Can you give me a list of some of the major items you cover?

Browse a detailed breakdown of how we can help individuals competitors here and teams here. Keep in mind that while some of the items described may not appear to be important at first glance, we have found that over time, often they turn out to dramatically affect or influence short and long term success. We always recommend that you schedule a free session so we can answer your specific questions and help guide you to a solution that works best for your unique situation.

Who can schedule a session and how is it done?

Anyone, anywhere, can schedule. This service is available worldwide and is for all skill levels and types of gamers, from casual to serious, from amateur to professional. The only requirements are a good internet connection and of course your passion and drive to succeed! Note: we’re looking for mental skills performance trainers in other countries – contact us.

We use Discord for meetings. You will be provided a link to join our Discord server in your email confirmation. Alternatively, for country-restricted situations, we can use Zoom or Google Meet if necessary.

How much do you charge for sessions?

For a limited time, we’re offering initial consultations free of charge as part of a special promotion. If you’d like to continue working with us after your session is over, we’d be happy to discuss more with you. See our services for individuals or teams for a complete breakdown of options and discounts. Further discounts may also be available – talk to us!

Do you coach individuals or teams?

Both! We are able to work with individual players or entire rosters and across a wide variety of game titles. We can even coach esports team coaches! It doesn’t matter if you have a great deal of experience and are seeing to become a professional, or if you’re a hardcore gamer trying to join a team, we have a solution to help you get to the next level.

How much of esports is physical vs. mental?

Even in the most physical traditional sports like hockey and football, most agree it is at least 50%. In esports, that number jumps to closer to 90% – making mental skills trainers all the more critical.

You probably know that esports is a booming field. Most gamers are still casual, but many would like to go pro if given the opportunity. Unfortunately, there is a lack of resources to coach and give aspiring esports athletes the tools they need to take their game to the next level. That’s where we come in. Having a mental skills consultant on hand could give you the potential to get ahead of the game.

What is the best way to contact you?

If you’d like to chat, our preferred method of contact our Discord server at – join using the Discord app on your mobile device or computer, or any web browser. The next step is to post a message in #free-consultation in the ESPORTS PERFORMANCE category and someone will get back to you. You may also send a direct message to RyBred#5493.

How soon will I hear back from you?

The sooner you either post on #free-consultation on our Discord server or DM RyBred#5493, the faster we can confirm your appointment and answer any questions. We work seven days a week, year round, and respond to all inquiries as soon as possible.

What is the CMPC/NCCA seal on your website?

Many claim to be performance coaches but have no credentials to back them up. In our case, we underwent an intense, year-long program to become certified mental performance consultants (CMPC), which is part of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited program. CMPC is a community that’s committed to excellence in the area of mental performance. This seal gives you the assurance that we are trained and qualified to assist with mental performance. We are expecting our certification paperwork by September, 2023.

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