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Intro to Mental Skills Training
This session will focus on introducing players to mental skills training – what it is, and how it can help not just your game, but all facets of your life.

Finding Your Why – Sources of Motivation
Where does your motivation come from? Is your goal to get first place, improve your skills, or just have fun? This session will help you find what your motivation is, and then channel it towards improving your play.

Intentional Training – Setting Specific Stretch Goals
What types of goals do you set? Are they time based? Do they have to do with practice, or are they just the result of a tournament? This session will help you set specific goals that will push you to perform.


Helps you to gain awareness of your thoughts and control of your body.

Find Your Zen – Learn How to Use Breathing and Relaxation Exercises
Do you ever need to just chill out either before, during, or after playing? This session’s focus will be on learning some breathing techniques that help you to relax.

Become a Hype Master – Learn How to Energize Yourself for Performances
Do you sometimes feel too lethargic before performances? Do you find yourself losing steam between matches? This week’s lesson will help you become your own hype master.

Linking the Mind and Body: Getting to Know the Practice of Imagery
Did you know that studies show using imagery to practice is almost as effective as actually practicing itself? This session will show you how to use all 5 senses to allow you to apply imagery to your game.


Create a shield before competing that is used to block out negative thoughts and outside noise.

Winning Before Your Match – Creating a Pre-Performance Routine
Have you ever thought about what you do before you play? Do you have times where your play is better and times when it is worse? Learn about the importance of a pre-performance routine in this week’s session.

Keeping a Positive Mindset – Using Self Talk and Thought Stopping
What are some things you say to yourself during a match? Are they helpful or harmful? Learn how what you say matters and gain tools to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Drowning out the Noise with Focus & Concentration
Do you find it hard to concentrate on matches sometimes due to all the noise around you? What about the noise inside of you? This session will give you tools to concentrate only on what matters: the match at hand.


The final battle is here. As the pressure ramps up, this set will help insure you close out matches at your highest level.

Get in the Zone – Finding Your Zone of Optimal Performance
Do you like to be amped up, or super calm during play? Everyone has their ideal zone of activation for optimal performance. This session will help you find it, so you can be in the zone every match.

Fear or Excitement? – Redefining Performance Anxiety
Do you ever feel your heart rate increase before performing? Or maybe in the heat of the moment, you get so anxious that your performance suffers. This session will teach you how to redefine anxiety as your body gets ready to perform.

Becoming the GOAT – How to be Clutch Under Pressure
The difference between 1st and 2nd place is often who is able to stay cool at the end of the match and close it out. Learn how to gain that final edge in this week’s session.

Answers to Common Questions

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How do I develop my interpersonal skills to give me the best chance of synergizing with a team?

By developing communication and empathy skills, along with the human touches of care & attention.

What is needed to become a better leader?

Sharpen your interpersonal skills and game sense. Reflect on the calls you made, with a willingness to improve (instead of being defensive).

How do I work on becoming more confident with my plays?

We develop a custom solution for you, with key points including process over results, growth mindset, healthy comparisons, and intelligent & productive feedback.

I practice daily but want to further my training to get better. What is your best advice for me?

We emphasize quality over quantity and ingraining optimized learning strategies. Say goodbye to mindless, mediocre playing time!

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