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Foster a Culture of Excellence

Cultivating a high-performance environment helps team members buy in and be fully committed to the vision of the team, greatly maximizing the chance of success. We work with you and your team to define what “culture” and “excellence” means to you.

We work towards answering questions such as what is each player’s vision, and does it align as it relates to:

  • Championships
  • Building a legacy
  • BEST – Better Every Single Time

We have developed an effective system to allow each of the players to hold each other accountable, while preserving harmony and teamwork.

We work with players on developing a positive winning attitude, including how to:

  • Remain rational – manage emotions before and during the game
  • Focus on what you can control
  • Use positive body language your teammates will notice
  • Enjoy the moment – win or lose
  • Take time to properly reflect on experiences

Cultivate a Successful Squad

We ask the tough questions, such as why is each member here? Why video games? Why this game? Why this team? We encourage learning and development by:

  • Embracing failure as necessary on the path to success
  • Setting clear expectations and responsibilities for each team member
  • Becoming comfortable being your true, authentic self

Build a Creed Sync

Build on our Culture of Excellence concept and help put it into action with a unique, shared identity for the entire team. We help your organization define specific traits that each individual takes ownership of.

Identify Traits

Select and gain consensus on 3-5 key team traits

Select Statements

Identify one action statement and one affirmation statement for each key trait

Refine the Vision

Work through the creation process, including creating a Creed Motto

We have achieved measurable results in areas such as knowing your role and how to communicate misunderstandings, celebrating both team and individual goals together, and getting to know each other beyond gaming. These aspects, and many more, are integrated into our holistic, customized approach.

GamePlay View

Your progress evaluated in real-time

to new heights with our live observation by a mental skills trainer.

We can attend practices, games, and live streams virtually, and observe/sense body language, responses to wins and losses, and more. We use this data as a guide to address issues and can even provide instant, real-time feedback!

Evaluate, Evolve, Transcend

We fuel peak performance by setting goals and tracking progress, taking risks, and embracing failure as necessary on the path to success.

Three Easy Steps

1. Free Consultation

Gather one or more of your teammates or coach &
schedule a free session with us.
You can also do it yourself on behalf of your team.

2. Identify, Plan & Present

We work to identify areas of improvement, focusing on
topics that are meaningful and of interest
to you and your organization.

3. Execute!

We develop a timetable with measured growth, while continuously refining goals based on achievements
as we work through the scheduled sessions.

We’re CMPC Certified

This seal gives you the assurance that we are trained and qualified to assist with mental performance. We are NCCA accredited certified consultants per their Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs, having met recognized national and international credentialing industry standards. We are part of their community that’s committed to excellence in the area of mental performance.  
* Expected 9/2023

Services & Pricing

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Answers to Common Questions

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How do I develop my interpersonal skills to give me the best chance of synergizing with a team?

By developing communication and empathy skills, along with the human touches of care & attention.

What is needed to become a better leader?

Sharpen your interpersonal skills and game sense. Reflect on the calls you made, with a willingness to improve (instead of being defensive).

How do I work on becoming more confident with my plays within my squad?

We develop a custom solution for you, with key points including process over results, growth mindset, healthy comparisons, and intelligent & productive feedback.

I practice regularly with my team but want to further my training to get better. What is your best advice for me?

We emphasize quality over quantity and ingraining optimized learning strategies. Say goodbye to mindless, mediocre playing time!

The Secret to Success

It doesn’t happen overnight.

While a single session can provide some immediate support, the key to long-term results come with booking a series. Sometimes it may take multiple sessions to get through a single issue. Other times, we might find additional opportunities for value work together. Overall, we highly recommend starting with at least a four-session commitment to see tangible benefits.

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