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Being successful in competitive gaming requires cohesion in many areas. Unfortunately, the most critical one – your mind – is often completely ignored. That’s where we come in.

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Our certified mental performance coaches (CMPC) help you to optimize learning and train your mind for peak performance. Keep your focus on the specifics of the game, maintain a clear internal state, stay calm under pressure, build team synergy, and much more!

“My performance went through the roof with these guys. Thank you so much for everything you did!”

Jason Smith

Time to Level Up!

We work on the nuances of competitive gaming including:

• Dealing with performance anxiety

• Setting solid pre/post performance routines

Improving confidence

• Finding and maintaining motivation

• Staying focused and blocking distractions

• and much more!

We’d Love to Help Take Your Game to the Next Level!

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What We Do:


Traditional sports athletes love working with personal trainers to refine their bodies, to make sure they are in tip-top shape to perform. It’s no different with the mental game of esports. We offer groundbreaking coaching and resources for aspiring digital athletes of all levels worldwide. 

Esports Psychology

Many believe that athletic sports performance is 90% mental. With video games, it’s even more! Just like traditional sports psychology, we employ proven methods to help gamers gain control over their thoughts and feelings, so they can focus on practice and transferring that to performance.

Working With Kids

We’re not just for adults! With the rise of games like Fortnite, RoBlox and Minecraft, children and teens are involved in gaming more than ever. We have extensive experience working with kids of all ages and skill levels, addressing their specific needs with sensitivity and compassion.

Grow Your Stream!

Streaming is a performance-based skill in its own right. We customize a program to help you gain the exposure and followers your broadcast deserves. Grow your fan base, add value to your brand, and engage the community, all while simultaneously serving your goals.

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How can I go from cracking under pressure to being clutch?

By not only gaining new resources, but also, and more significantly, by developing a new relationship with pressure.

What is the best approach to the discipline aspect of staying consistent?


You do by improving your care & attention, as well as by developing relevant skills such as communication and empathy.

How do I work on becoming more confident with my plays?

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How do I develop my interpersonal skills to give me the best chance of synergizing with a team?

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How do I deal with the pressure of being the last one alive?

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I practice daily but want to further my training to get better. What is your best advice for me?

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How can I get kills under pressure, especially when surrounded by many people?

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What are your secrets to building and performing better in combat?

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How do I improve situational awareness?

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What is needed to get better game sense and become a better leader?

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How can I take everything I will learn from you and apply that to an esports career?


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Can mental skills training help improve my streaming?


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