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Do you feel like you have potential but you’re not living up to it? Being successful in competitive gaming requires cohesion in many areas. Unfortunately, the most critical one – your mind – is often completely ignored. That’s where we come in. We’re passionate gamers who are certified mental coaches.

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From setting clear expectations and responsibilities for each team member, to becoming comfortable being your true, authentic self, we help you and your teammates know your roles and communicate misunderstandings, cultivate a high-performance environment, build a culture of excellence, and much more. Available globally.

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We work on the nuances of competitive gaming including:

• Dealing with performance anxiety

• Setting solid pre/post performance routines

Improving confidence

• Finding and maintaining motivation

• Staying focused and blocking distractions

• and much more!

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Watch an Interview With One of Our Coaches

Our mental skills trainer Ryan Hawks was featured on The Wide World of Esports where he answered questions about performance training for individual gamers and teams.

Answers to Common Questions

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How can I go from cracking under pressure to being clutch?

By becoming mentally sharp. Some approaches to achieving this include developing specific technical skills and re-defining your relationship with pressure.

What is the best approach to achieving consistent, high level performance?


Keep chipping away at your mental and technical imperfections. With our results-driven process, we help you transform aspects that block peak performance.

How can I deal with low energy levels? I need to be pumped!

Once you’ve identified your zones of optimal functioning (IZOF), you can learn to regulate your energy, which results in improved focus and vigor.

What are some secrets to performing better in combat?

We know many! Here’s two: attaining an accurate knowledge of the battles within you, and sensing the opponent’s tendencies with precision.

How can I get kills under pressure, especially when surrounded by many people?

By developing an acute power of anticipation, a deeper understanding of the game, and training with ‘deliberate practice’ principles.

How can I prevent “uncontrollable” bursts of anger?

By consciously re-defining your relationship with the game you play and by becoming more in control of your emotions using a holistic, foundational approach.

How can I take everything I learn from GameSync and apply it to an esports career?

The principles and practices learned will replace old habits. The rest of the answer is too long to write here – contact us to discuss in depth!

Can mental skills training help improve my streaming?


We work with you on enhancing your self-awareness, empathy, emotional resources, and communication skills, all of which translate to improved broadcasting.

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Whether it’s streaming, casting, making videos or podcasts, performance-based skills require a certain mindset for success. We can customize a program to help you gain the exposure and followers you deserve. Grow your fan base, add value to your brand, and engage the community, all while simultaneously serving your goals.

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