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Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll get to know you, learn about your goals, and give you some initial recommendations.



Once we determine the best way to serve you, we’ll develop a custom plan to help you achieve your goals and present you with our proposal on how to go forward.



We go to work together! Along the way, we’ll answer your questions and provide relevant resources. We aim to provide impactful coaching, razor-sharp strategy, and timely advice.

Testing & Tools
Testing & Tools

Our certified professionals use tools to both assess and teach how to reach your peak performance. Worksheets are individualized to you and include easy to understand text and engaging images for the games YOU play.

Advanced Surveying
Advanced Surveying

As an online, virtual service, our materials are interactive and modified in real-time. No more running out of space or managing paper. The forms are emailed to you after the sessions are over for your records.

IZOF Assessment
IZOF Assessment

    Your mental skills trainer will also use evidence-based performance assessments to help you learn more about yourself as a gamer. Learn about your Individual Zone of Optimal Functioning (IZOF), what type of goals you prefer, where your motivation lies, and how you visualize success. Sessions can then be built around diving deeper into these concepts.


    GamePlay View

    Your progress evaluated in real-time

    to new heights with our live observation by a mental skills trainer.

    We can attend practices, games, and live streams virtually, and observe/sense body language, responses to wins and losses, and more. We use this data as a guide to address issues in one-on-one sessions or with in-game, real-time feedback.

    Popular Sessions Include:

    Meet and Greet

    Getting to know your coach is an important step along the path to progress


    What is mental skills training and how can it help not just your game but your life

    Intentional Training

    Set specific goals that will help you to perform better during your game play

    Finding Your Why

    Discover your motivation and channel it towards improving your play

    Midway Point Skill Assessment

    Checking in is important.

    Not only can you see the progress you are making on paper, but your trainer can evaluate where you are at and help you optimize where you want to go with your performance.

    By rating all your skills and progress towards your goals, these improvement evaluations help move you along the process faster than otherwise.

    Gamer Workshops

    Experience our popular, interactive workshops using our own purpose-built, original curriculum. Designed to get you moving faster by enhancing the learning process with varied stimulus, to engage you with core concepts that can be overlooked in one-on-one coaching sessions.


    Support When You Need It

    A lot can happen between sessions.

    Perhaps you’re looking for feedback on how your attempts at implementing the concepts worked on are going, or you need a little affirmation prior to starting your tournament play. Sometimes you just need to vent some frustration or get a quick take on a situation. You may even want to share a clip from your own game play or that of another.

    Whatever the reason, we know how support can really help. The opportunity for asynchronous text message communication with your mental skills trainer outside of scheduled sessions can provide an invaluable utility for an aspiring professional.

    Text us for assistance

    Working for You Behind the Scenes

    Before each session, we invest our time to personalize it to your game, style of play, and needs. We maximize engagement to ensure that you stay stimulated for the entire session, using the most up-to-date, evidence-based research. We are all about cutting-edge, innovative work.

    We’re CMPC Certified

    This seal gives you the assurance that we are trained and qualified to assist with mental performance. We are NCCA accredited certified consultants per their Standards for the Accreditation of Certification Programs, having met recognized national and international credentialing industry standards. We are part of their community that’s committed to excellence in the area of mental performance.
    * Expected 09/2023


    Services & Pricing

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    The Secret to Success

    Success doesn’t happen overnight.

    While a single session can provide some immediate support, the key to long-term results come with booking a series. Sometimes it may take multiple sessions to get through a single issue. Other times, we might find additional opportunities for value work together. Overall, we highly recommend starting with at least a four-session commitment to see tangible benefits.

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